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IDEBATE Workshop – Media Production by UOW Malaysia KDU

On November 4, 2021, the second workshop Media Production for the top 20 teams in the International Debate Championship was attended by students and special guests from the International Education Institute.

The International Debate Championship (IDEBATE) 2021 is organized by the International Education Institute (IEI) – Van Lang University in collaboration with Edge Hill University (UK), Universiti Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and UOW Malaysia KDU (Malaysia), under the sponsorship from the University of Newcastle (Australia) and British Council Vietnam.

After Round 1, the top 20 teams are invited to two workshops that provide useful information to hone their skills and advice for improvement. In the morning of November 4, the second workshop Media Production welcomed the presence of Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Lan – Head of Global Engagement, IEI; Ms. Ho Thi Tuyet Mai – Global Engagement Executive, IEI and a large number of students from diverse universities/schools: Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, Iloilo Science and Technology University, Universiti Kuala Lumpur, University of Finance – Marketing, Hanoi University, Hoa Sen University, Tri Duc High School, Guimbal National High School, and US Vietnam Talent International School.

The workshop was hosted by Mr. Ian Barbosa, a lab technologist at UOW KDU PG and owner operation at FPS Interactive. He has been working in the Advertising and Media industry in Penang and Malaysia on various Advertising, Commercial and Documentary projects in Asia as well as some commercial work for on-line clients from the US and Europe. As a former Copywriter, Creative Director, Emcee/Voice Over artist as well as a PR consultant, his experience both in front and behind the lens allows him to share his “hands on” experiences of the past 30 years.

Mr. Ian Barbosa – Lab Technologist at UOW KDU PG and Owner Operation at FPS Interactive

Throughout the workshop, Mr. Barbosa introduced to students several significant factors to pay attention to before, during and after shooting a video, such as doing research, developing a script, set-up, rehearsal, among others, and illustrated how those factors come into play. He also recommended various popular gears and applications that are free, or can be acquired at an affordable price. Additionally, he pointed out a multitude of common mistakes students make, and shared different ways on how to avoid them as well as improve the quality of their videos. The presentation was livened up with his professional yet equally humorous demeanors.      

Mr. Barbosa introduced the important elements during pre-production and production of a video for students in the workshop

As soon as it was time for the Q&A, the students became more enthusiastic as the chat box was flooded with questions. All the participants got the chance to receive valuable advice from Mr. Barbosa, whether it was about picking up the right scene for the complete video, how to choose a good angle to shoot indoors, or the method to make an interesting video within a time limit, e.g. 2 minutes for Round 2 of IDEBATE. He further voiced his opinion about the current circumstance with the ongoing pandemic and the future of video production: “The pandemic has robbed us off the opportunity to shoot any epic projects, yet human has gone through different versions of pandemic in the past, and we have all bounced back from them. Until then, online media will be the way of life. Online communication is going to change in terms of time, but not in terms of quality of imagery, professionalism or service. As long as we are still dependent on technology, video is going to remain key.”  

Students received plenty of helpful advice and sincere point of view from Mr. Barbosa.

Concluding the workshop, Mr. Barbosa affirmed that should any student have other concern that could not be resolved thereupon, they can reach him via email and he will try his best to answer promptly. Before bidding farewell, he extended thanks to everyone for taking their time to attend the workshop and wished them all the best. 

The workshop was greatly enjoyed by the students.

Following the two workshops Debate Skills by Ms. Victoria Gill from University of Newcastle and Media Production by Mr. Ian Barbosa from UOW Malaysia KDU, the top 20 teams are officially entering the last days to prepare their submission for Round 2 of IDEBATE. At this stage, they have to create a two-minute video on the topic “How to free yourself from negativity”, which will be graded in line with the requirements and marking criteria as those of Round 1. Afterwards, the videos will be uploaded to the IEI’s Tiktok account to compete for the title “Fans’ Favorite” and the chance to win a surprise gift from the Organizing Committee. Deadline for video submission is from November 8 to November 10, and the vote count will start at 12PM on November 16.

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